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The following projects were realized in the past with my clients and my former employers.


In my previous role, I was a permanent CTO and Managing Director responsible for the entire IT area. In over 5 years I built and managed the technology and teams for Germany's leading SME finance brokerage company COMPEON.

Selected initiatives

  • Development and implementation of the entire product and technology strategy in Ruby, React and .NET

  • Leading IT, Product & Data Teams with > 40 employees

  • Set-up and execution of the overall data strategy for DWH, Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Cloud migration from On-Prem to AWS, the introduction of state-of-the-art SaaS solutions like Salesforce, Personio, Microsoft 365


A fully digital business model was built for a financial services provider using cutting-edge technology solutions to take the customer experience to a new level through a fully digital end-to-end process, in addition to significantly increasing revenue.

Selected initiatives

  • Strategy consulting for pure digital business models, concept development & prototyping

  • Technology scouting and implementation of API management, PaaS, CRM, business intelligence and data science

  • Leading the implementation of architecture design, connectivity and API  development in .NET


One of Germany's largest retailers has transferred its entire product information management technology to a scalable and future-oriented technology as part of an integrated digitization and transformation project. The project was built entirely by external resources. After the successful completion of the project, I helped to build up the entire team internally in order to maintain the competence in the company in the long term.

Selected initatives

  • Setup Technology recruiting strategy, together with CTO, COO and HR

  • Optimization of the hiring process for speed

  • External recruiter vendor selection

  • Recruiting 40+ team members for the Python, .NET and DevOps teams


A company in the financial sector set itself the goal of establishing CRM throughout the entire company. In addition to the integration of all marketing and sales channels, a completely uniform sales-funnel control system was set up.

Selected initiatives

  • Analysis of business areas and functions

  • Selection of CRM & implementation service providers

  • Support during the implementation of the Sales-, Service- and Marketing Cloud

  • Automation along the entire value chain with low-code/ RPA technology


A company in the financial sector wanted to use new technology to make complex existing processes more efficient and customer-friendly. For this purpose, self-contained process steps were improved with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

Selected initiatives

  • Automate customer support via ChatBots (WhatsApp, website, Facebook Messenger)

  • Data-driven routing of customer inquiries to sales reps via machine learning models

  • Document classification and mapping via OCR/ text recognition

  • Automated BWA/ SuSa text recognition and XBRL transformation


The entire IT was modernized for an established company in the real estate sector. The focus was on scalability and reducing the total cost of ownership through consistent consolidation of legacy IT systems by >35%.

Selected initiatives

  • Cloud Provider selection and management of cloud infrastructures setup

  • Migration preparation & roll-out coordination

  • Introduction of DevOps practices within the existing organization employees


A leading international specialty finance company had grown significantly through strong real estate acquisitions and needed a high-performance servicing application capable of managing thousands of units.

Selected initiatives

  • Architecture and technical design of the entire platform

  • Recruiting, interim lead of the external .NET and SharePoint development team

  • Management of external IT providers

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