Through years of experience, both in corporations and start-ups, I have a broad insight to address digital opportunity and challenge of your corporate and business strategies.


As an external consultant or interim manager, I work with your leadership teams as a sparring partner on strategy and the use of technology to gain a competitive advantage. This includes a broad technology knowledge and an understanding of how products and technology roadmaps need to be aligned to remain competitive in the market. The goal is to accompany your company until all necessary resources can be mapped in-house in the future. This is achieved by recognizing and solving current fields of action.

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  • In a digital environment, are products and services competitive?

  • Can the company’s goals be met with the technologies and IT architectures used?

  • Can projects be realized „on time and on budget“?

  • Does your company manage to find digital minds for the goals?

  • Are tech and product staff sufficiently comitted?

  • Is there an broad understanding of technology in management?


  • Architecture and technical design

  • Product & roadmap design

  • IT-strategy formalization and implementation

  • Program- and Projectmanagement

  • Recruiting strategy & talent development

  • Recruit, lead, build and scale of development teams

  • Establishment of development and DevOps practices

  • Accompanying budget and funding rounds

  • Sound make-or-buy decision for applications & providers

  • Management of providers and service providers, including sourcing strategies

  • Conducting technical due diligence reviews

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